Angel Charms

Angel charms can help highlight other objects and personal jewelry. These pieces are great for simple decoration around the house, for your necklaces or bracelets, and even for key chains and phones. An  angel charm has more than one purpose and each piece has a huge story to tell. There are tons of pieces to chose from and each piece should be personal and meaningful to you.

These pieces make great gifts for people of all ages. Children love putting special charms around their phone, especially because it makes it easier to find. Having a couple of charms on your key chains also makes it easier to recognize and find when you're searching through your bag. If you're not sure what you should get for a loved one or for someone that's really dear to you, then buying them a pack of charms will guarantee that they'll find a use for them. These pieces also make for great donations to charities that you really care about and love.

Each charm is made with love and care and is made to last for years to come. Even if you're wearing an angel charm necklace everyday they're made to last no matter what kind of weather or condition you're in. Quality over quantity is important to us and this is why each pendant is made from durable material. We want you to be able to experience the joy of giving your most important charm item to your future daughter or grandchild and have the charm piece continue to carry on for generations.

Gold and silver angel charms are the most popular. These colors really have a nice glow to them and really stand out. Gold pieces are really elegant to wear during an important night out and silver pieces are perfect during a religious holiday. Men prefer wearing gold pieces to silver, but we recommend not limiting yourself. Silver can really help highlight your outfit and overall look when you're going out. It is important to experiment with both colors to see what you like best. You never know, you might find your new favorite color in the process. However, no matter what the color, you will always receive compliments on the piece you chose.

All of our styles are fit for both male and female, so don't be shy and check out our catalog.

14k gold angel charm & sterling silver angel charms




Catholic Jewelry

This angel charm makes for a great gift to a personal friend or loved one. It is made out of grayish silver and has an elegant angel on it.
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This pendant stands out more than the usual. It has a nice circular imprint around it and a male angel looking out into the distance.
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This angel has his head resting on his hand as he stares off to the side. It is in the color gold and makes for a great gift.
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A simple, yet elegant style of an angel looking off to the distance. It is made out of silver and the angel charm is smooth to the touch.
Angel Pendant

This piece has an interesting design and is a piece that really stands out. This piece is made out of gold and has the classic angel looking to the side.

Angel-charms Heart
An outline of a heart with an angel sitting on it makes for an interesting topic piece. The smooth color helps highlight any outfit.
Angel Pendant

This baby blue angel sits with one foot tucked under his knee and his eyes closed  while he holds a red heart.

A golden outline of an angel with an important red jewel as its head. This charm is a great piece to wear out during dinner.
Angel Pendant

A soft silver compliments this piece beautifully. This angel rests gently on a silver heart.

An outline of an angel with jewels surrounding all around it. This piece is great during holidays and dinners with the family.
Angel Charm or Pendant

We have several different types of charms available and in a variety of styles to choose from. Select yours today.
Charm Pendant side view

A bronze golden charm piece highlights any style. This piece has a detailed angel standing upright.
Charm Pendant

A smooth golden charm with a baby angel looking to his right side. This gift is great for babies and for younger children.

Gold is a great color and has such a classy glow to it. This piece has an angel holding his hands together in a prayer.

Everyone has a guardian angel and we should never forget that. This piece watches over you and protects you.

Looking for new and exciting shapes? This guardian angel pendant is oval in nature and is a great change of pace for the usual circular pieces.
Charm Size

A silver heart shaped guardian angel pendant is a great gift for those who need it the most.
Angel heat charm or pendant

If you're looking for a new key chain charm or even for something to hook onto, then this silver guardian angel pendant is perfect for you.

Little-Angel-Charm Necklace-19644
This little angel charm is best suited for your grandchild or daughter.

This golden piece has an angel looking up for mercy. This piece is great if you're seeking forgiveness for past wrongs.

This silver angel holds his hands tightly into a prayer. He prays to God for hope and guidance.

A stylish piece that will get heads turning. This piece has an angel right in the center of it all and is very comfortable to wear.
Birthstone Necklace

A golden charm with silver jewels surrounds this piece. Inside, there is an angel resting her arm under her chin.
With Diamonds

A baby girl angel charm makes for a great gift for those who need some hope and love in their life.
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A black and white charm fit for anybody with sleek style. This piece has a female angel looking to the side.
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This golden angel charm has a nice circular imprint around the edges. Can be worn at any time of the day and makes for a lovely gift.
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