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Angels are mentioned frequently in the New Testament. An angel spoke to Mary, and Joseph and the shepherds during the time of Christ's nativity. Angels ministered to Christ during his temptation in the wilderness and while He agonized in the Garden of Gethsemane before his Crucifixion. And angel was said to have rolled the stone from the tomb when Christ rose from the dead.

We hear primarily of only three Archangels in the hierarchy of angels, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. In fact there are eight Archangels.

Archangel Michael

Saint Michael, said to be the leader of the angels or Commander in Chief of the Army of God. Michael is most often pictured with his spear in his right hand and a green palm branch in his left. He attacks Lucifer with his sword or often stands upon Lucifer as evidence of his status as supreme enemy of 'Lucifer and the fallen angels'. Saint Michael is patron to E.M.T.'s. police officers, firemen and all of the military.

The 'fallen angels', more often called 'demons', are those angels who fell under the command of Satan, those beings who did not return God's love and as a result were expelled from heaven by the order of God and at the hand of Michael the Archangel.

Saint Gabriel is known as the announcer or messenger of God. He is believed to have been the angel who spoke to the Virgin Mary and also to the shepherds at the time of Christ's birth. He is pictured with a lantern in his right hand and a mirror of green jasper in his left. The mirror signifies his mystery and closeness to God. Gabriel is the patron of messengers, postal workers, radio workers and telecom workers

Archangel Raphael
Saint Raphael is called 'God's Healer'. He is pictured leading Tobit (Tobit 3:17, 12:15) on his right and hold a physicians' alabaster jar in his left hand. St. Raphael is the patron saint of the blind, nurses, physicians, travelers, lovers and happy meetings.

Saint Uriel meaning 'fire of God' is pictured holding a fiery flame in his left hand while he holds a sword against the Persians in his right hand.

Seatiel, the 'Intercessor of God' is pictured with his face and eyes lowered folding his arms across his chest in prayer.

Jegudiel is the 'Glorifier of God'. He bears a golden wreath in his right hand and a triple-thronged whip in his left.

Barachiel means 'Blessing of God' He holds a white rose against his breast.

Jeremiel 'God's Exaltation' is praised as an inspirer of the thoughts each person raises toward god. Being the number eight, Jeremiel is not always depicted as an archangel. Some beliefs only include the first seven of the angels.

The Roman Catholic Church venerates the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael on September 29th. This was traditionally the feast of Saint Michael alone and therefore is often referred to as 'Michaelmas'.

Most Protestant churches recognize only Michael, Gabriel and Raphael as angels who have been given names and are therefore considered to be 'archangels'.



Guardian Angel pin jewelry & guardian angel pendants & Guardian Angel Necklace



Catholic Jewelry

This simple, yet elegant guardian angel pendant will help protect anybody who is wearing it.
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Two golden-heart shaped angel earrings. Give them to your best friend for the both of you to wear.
Guardian Angels Jewelry

A silver ring with a baby angel imbedded in it. These rings are very lightweight and can be worn for almost any occasion.
Angels Jewelry

This Guardian Angel necklace is comfortable and very durable. It has a purple gem on it for a little added personality.
Angel Jewelry

An oval guardian angel pendant. On the back it has EMT on it. This is a perfect gift for those who need protection and God's love.
Angel Pendants

This piece is just a simple reminder that you have your special angel looking down on you.
Guardian Angel Jewelry

This guardian angel pendant can be used as a great gift for close friends and family.
Angel Jewelry

This is the perfect gift for athletes competing in sports, especially basketball. Can be given to just one player or the entire team.
Angel Jewelry

A great guardian angel pendant. This pendant helps those who are lost and need some guidance and protection.
Angel Jewelry

A gold guardian angel pendant holds his arms together and makes a soft prayer. It can be worn in any setting.
Angel Necklace Charm

This small pendant is a perfect gift for children who have lost their path. It will protect them through hard times.
Angel Jewelry

These guardian angel pins spread Their arms and embrace new change and freedom. It's a great pendant to wear during times of uncertainty and change.
Angel Pin Jewelry

This angel reaches out her hand to help those that have fallen. Wear her close to your heart to find a brighter path in your life.
Guardian Angel Pins

A golden angel holds up a heart. Her very open posture shows that she guides those that seek guidance and advice.
Angel Pin Jewelry

This silver angel expresses herself through dance. This is the perfect gift for someone who expresses themselves through art.
Angel Pin Jewelry

A baby boy angel rests his arms on top of a golden heart and shares his love to the world.
Angel Pin Jewelry

This female angel guides children to safety. Anybody who works closely with children can relate to this pendant.
Angels Jewelry

An oval guardian angel pendant that offers comfort and protection to those who wear it.
Angels Jewelry

This pendant is shaped in a form of a heart. It makes for a perfect gift and can be worn during any occasion as a pendant or bracelet.
Angels Jewelry

This female angel has a stylish and classy appearance to her. Women will love this as a gift. It would make a nice necklace worn on a fine gold chain.
Angel Jewelry

This golden ring is a subtle addition to any article of clothing or outfit.  
Angels Jewelry

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