Guardian Angel Pins

Each of these guardian angel pins are perfect to wear almost at any time. These small little pins are really nice ways to tell someone you're thinking of them. If you know someone who is sick in the hospital and needs to be reminded that there is a guardian angel out there, then one of these guardian angel pins will be the perfect gift for them. For any occasion or event, these pins are a small gesture with a great impact.

All of our guardian angel pins are made to last and are made with care. Each pin causes almost no damage to your clothing and, when you remove it, you can't tell there was a pin there in the first place. They are very subtle additions to any outfit. Men benefit more from small little pins like these. They can be attached near the heart or on shirt pockets to add some personality. Show your love for God and his angels by wearing these tiny guardian angel pins.

There are many styles to chose from and it is important that you select one that is right for you. Color should also be taken into consideration when wearing a guardian angel pin for the first time. Color can highlight a completely different appearance. Gold and silver are our most popular color choices, but that does not mean you're limited to only those colors. Try experimenting with others and see how it fits you. You never know, you might find a new style.

If you know of a loved one that has gotten lost or has lost confidence, don't be afraid to give them a guardian angel pin. Everyone can feel down, sad, or lonely, but it is important to remind them that there is always an angel looking over them and protecting them from harm. Angels are always watching us and our movements. They help protect us from serious harm and will take care of you when things get rough.

All of our guardian angel pins are made for both men and women. They can even be given to some new born children. They are the perfect gift and reminder that there is someone watching over them and protecting them. God's angels have never failed or given up on us. Check out our catalog for more styles, colors, and lovely gifts for the entire family.

Guardian Angel Pins



Catholic Jewelry

This outline of an angel makes for a perfect gift. The pin is easy to use and causes minimal damage to the pin.
Guardian Angel Birthstone Pins

This baby angel holds his hands in prayer and prays for your close friends and family members.
Guardian Angel Lapel Pin

A stylish angel that can be worn during any event or party.
Guardian Angel Lapel Pin

This angel has his knees slightly bent and his arms in prayer. This makes for a good gift for someone that is older than you.
Guardian Angels Pins

This silver angel has her arms wide open. She is taking in new love and changes in her life.
Guardian Angels Pins

This golden angel opens up her arms and looks up towards the sky. She offers a helping hand to those who might need it
Guardian Angel Lapel Pin

A golden angel with a bright halo and hand harp close by. He is meant for those who love music.
Guardian Angel Lapel Pin

This baby angel holds her arms in a prayer and smiles at new changes in her life.
Angels Pin

A golden male angel with hands in a powerful prayer. He is a great gift for men who need a little help in their lives.
Angels Pin

This angel has her arms and wings spread waiting to experience new things and to embrace any good change that will come of it.
Guardian Angels Lapel Pins

A golden angel on his knees searching for lost items and beloved objects. People who have this pin close by will find their lost item quickly.
Angel Lapel Pins

This baby angel is face to face with a dove. This is a great gift for those who are really passionate about animals.
Angel Lapel Pins

This is what a usual pin looks like. It is very easy to use and comfortable to wear
Angel Lapel Pin Back

This angel looks up to the sky for answers and for guidance. Great gift for those who need some light on their hidden path.
Angel Lapel Pin

This angel sits patiently on an outline of a gold heart. It can be worn at any time and during any occasion.

This baby angel rests his arms on top of a heart. This guardian angel pin makes for a great present.
Guardian Angel Pin

This angel has a golden halo resting on his head. He blesses those who are close by with God's love.
Angel Pin

A golden guardian angel pin holds a heart above her head. This pin is for the most loving and caring of people
Angel Pins

This silver angel helps those who have become lost or unsure of their purpose in life. Wear this proudly and you will surely see a better path.
Angel Pins

This cute baby angel pin can be worn by children, women, and, men alike. It makes for a great gift to almost anyone.
Guardian Angel Pins

This lovely angel is really expressive and loves life. This piece fits perfectly to anyone who loves music, dance, and art.
Angel Pins

An angel with a golden heart in his right hand. He gives love to those who may need it most and his protection.
Angel Pins

This angel adds a personal touch to any setting. You can wear it during important weddings or to church.
Angel Lapel Pins

This angel girl holds her hands in prayer and blesses the wearer of this pin.
Guardian Angels Lapel Pin

A tall angel stands strict in his posture with his hands in a prayer. It's a great piece to highlight any outfit.
Angels Lapel Pins

This golden angel holds her arms in prayer and wishes no harm on anybody. This is the perfect gift for the kind and strong spirited.
Angels Lapel Pin

A soft gold highlights this guardian angel. This pendant has unique angel wings and can be worn during any party.
Guardian Angels Pin

This silver baby pin is a great gift for children. This angel helps give protection to the curious
Angels Pin

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